Beauty Sleep


Why should brides + grooms embrace their z's, you ask? Beauty sleep is real, and it's especially important for your wedding day. It's common for brides and grooms to feel the stress that keeps them up at night. Many adults are chronically short on sleep, and couples working on the details of a wedding are especially susceptible to long hours of work, anxiety, and distractions that can interfere with sleep.

While you may struggle to get enough sleep, beauty sleep can help you look and feel your best on your wedding day. There's real science behind beauty sleep and how it can help you look more healthy, attractive, and well rested.

We rely on cues to interpret health and attractiveness. In a study of rested and sleep deprived participants, observers perceived those who were well rested to be more healthy and more attractive than those who were sleep deprived.

Tired isn't a good look for anyone, especially not brides. Before your big day, it's critical that you get the rest you need to face the day looking your best. Practice healthy sleep habits, so you can sleep well and look great.

  • Plan your sleep schedule. Many people squeeze sleep into their lives whenever they have time for it, especially couples dealing with last minute wedding details. But it's vital that you schedule life around rest and not the other way around, especially the night before your wedding. Plan ahead and make sure you've mapped out your day so that you can get to bed on time and get enough sleep to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face your big day.

  • Be active. Regular exercise is good for healthy sleep, and as a bonus, it may help you look more luminous and fit into your wedding dress well. Get some physical activity the day before your wedding for better energy and a restful night. However, avoid intense exercise within a few hours of bed, as you may feel too energized to get to sleep on time.

  • Let go of stress. Planning a wedding is stressful, and you're likely feeling the most pressure just before your wedding day. It's easy to let stress keep you up at night. Practice relaxing techniques that can help you clear your mind and relieve stress so you can sleep well. Take a warm bath, practice yoga and meditation, read a book or practice aromatherapy.

  • Improve your sleep environment. Sleeping among piles of half-finished DIY projects in your bedroom, or with your phone constantly pinging with questions and reminders is not relaxing. Make sure your bedroom is a haven for sleep. Banish screen time, don't take wedding work to bed, and make sure you're sleeping on a supportive mattress with comfortable bedding.

  • Be careful what you consume. That after dinner coffee at your rehearsal dinner may sound inviting, but it could keep you up for hours the night before your wedding day. Heavy meals, caffeine, and even alcohol can interfere with a healthy night of sleep.

Photography: Jessica Hill Photography