Venue Quiz


There are quizzes out there for just about everything in the wedding world. That being said, I recently took one that was really interesting, so I made the other girls in the office take it too! Here is what was interesting: the four of us who took this quiz have similar taste and style when we are designing a wedding, but three out of the four of us got different answers. This quiz specifically focuses on Which Wedding Reception Is Right For You, and the questions and pictures that WeddingWire take you through are what I found to be so intriguing. At no point in the series of questions are you picking an actual venue, it more about style of cake, bridesmaids dresses, etc. Newly engaged, recently married, or planning a wedding - take the quiz. It takes a few seconds of your time and seeing the results may surprise you. Have fun, and also check out these venues along the West Coast in cities like Seattle and Los Angeles if you're in the planning stages of your special day!