Ana + Matt | Portland Wedding | Oregon Event Planning and Design | Kristen Marie Tourtillotte

Meeting first Ana and then Matt, I already knew how much fun their event was going to be.  They chose February 14th not because it was Valentine's Day (as they told me), but because it was a 3-day weekend - meaning they would have more time to celebrate!

Both very busy attorneys, Matt and Ana were married five years ago.  They had a small ceremony with family and a handful of friends at the time, but always knew they wanted to do something bigger at some point.  Fast forward through law school graduation, new jobs, and an adorable little boy, as their 5-year mark was approaching, they knew it was time!

We booked Axis in Pioneer Square for the venue, as its two-room open concept space leant itself perfectly to a night of cocktails and dancing.  Guests were wowed shortly after their arrival, with our food truck-like dishes.  The City Catering Company did an amazing job taking Matt and Ana's vision of fancy street food to a whole new level, creating fun and elevated snacks that were enjoyed by all.  Not wanting anything too formal Matt and Ana did want a chance to thank their friends and families before kicking off the much anticipated dance party.  The cutest part of their thank yous - although they both shared independently (Ana's thoughtfully planned out, and Matt's hilariously off the cuff) the person they most wanted to thank was each other.  Their first (5th anniversary) dance was just as sweet, as two of their close friends performed a love song for the happy couple

Guests had lined the dance floor to watch Matt and Ana, and as the moment ended (as Ana had requested) the dance party began - and kept on going and going!  I am not sure that either Matt or Ana left the floor the rest of the night, as we kept everyone entertained with music, late night snacks (tots!) and a milk & cookie bar for the ride home.  Ana and Matt were hands down the best dancers of the night, even requesting 1more song after the lights had come up.  The smiles on their faces said it all, it had been the perfect way to celebrate 5 years and the best friend they had found in each other.

Matt and Ana, I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to share this special night with you.  You are an amazing couple, filled with so much love & happiness not to mention some killer dance moves and awesome friends.  I can't wait to celebrate many more of your anniversaries to come!

Coordination: Molly Corr | Photography: Kristen Marie Tourtillotte | Lighting: Crimson Haze | Catering: The City Catering Company | Florist: Bond in Bloom | DJ: BB Santiful | Desserts: Specialities | Display Wall: Molly Corr